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About i-Database Software

i-Database is a web-based software to manage a database online. All you need is a database in Excel or Access and in a few minutes it can be uploaded into the i-Database software. The program can also be customized with additional features depending on your specific needs.

The software supports everything from small databases of a few hundred records to large databases with tens of thousands of records. The interface is simple to understand and easy to use.

Online Database Software Features

The online database supports the following features:

  • Edit database like an online spreadsheet
  • Copy/paste data directly from Excel to create a new database
  • Upload a 'csv' file from Excel in minutes
  • Allow visitors to query the database to only display records that match their search criteria
  • Allow clients to register and edit their records only. An example would be mantaining a database of alumni. Alums can register and create their own profile that other alums can search for and find.
  • Ability to display database in a neatly formatted and presentable way for visitors to see
  • Intelligent Features
    • Instantly filters drop-down search menus based on values of previously selected drop-downs.
    • Converts large amount of text to textareas so information in cell can be scrolled
    • Automatically converts URL's to links saying Click here
    • Converts URL's to images into the acutal images. So image would display in cell instead of the URL
    • Converts search criteria to drop downs and radio buttons if repeatable data is found for that field
  • Allow an adminisitrator to update the database by adding/deleting records from an extreamly simple and compact web interface


The database software is very customizable so it is easy to modify it for your needs. The system was coded in a modular format which allows me to customize chunks of code without affecting the overall logic and functionality of the system. No two clients use identical versions of the system! The end result is a highly customized software at a very affordable price.

How the "Search Database" works

The software automatically grabs the search criteria from whatever is in the database. So as you add more records in, it will automatically add in the criteria to the search menus.

The online database software intelligently scans each field of data to determine how to make it searchable. If it sees duplicate names in a field the software know to make that field searchable with a drop down menu populated with uniquely name fields that appear in that field. For example if a field called location had 300 entries for State , the software would recognize the 50 states as repeating values in the 300 entries and make a drop-down search menu that is only filled with the names of the 50 states.

The database software also intelligently scans number data and removes decimal points so that the data can be searched by integer value numbers only.

The online database is always accessible and editable from any computer with internet access. Various levels of security can be implemented from allowing anyone to update the database to only allowing an adminisitrator(s) to update it.

Click here to have me set up one for you.

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