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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I select your service?

We offer a customized program that just has the features you need in it. Simply tell us what you want and we can configure your system to reflect your needs. Rather than getting a large complicated program, you get something simple that only has what you need.

How reliable is your service?

We do daily backups of your entire database data to multiple unrelated servers accross the internet. In case one server is down, we can restore a backup of your database on another server .

Additionally we allow you to download a backup to your local computer very easily. The downloaded backup can be opened in any spreadsheet or database software by importing it as a csv, comma seperated value file.

How secure is our data?

We offer a highly secure encrypted storage for a nominal extra charge. All your data would be stored encrypted on our server and can only be decoded by entering a password key. The password key is never stored on our server so no one could decrypt your data if they were to break into our server.

Can I host the i-Database software on my server?

The database software is best hosted on our server. It would still be an individual copy that only you can control. You would only need to link to it from your website. The difference is the URL would have in it instead of ( You could use frames and/or pop-up window if you want to hide the URL). However, nowadays it is very common for a complex website to have different modules hosted on different servers so visitors are use to it.

Hosting on our server allows us to keep the cost very low since all maintenance is done on our end instead of having to login to your accounts. This is how we do it with all of our clients and none have any problem with it. It allows us to make sure you are always using the best release of our software.