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About i-Spreadsheet

Online Spreadsheet Software is a program to view and edit a spreadsheet online. In less than 2 minutes you can copy/paste data from Excel and import online. The program is useful for displaying and editing an excel like spreadsheet that multiple users need to edit.

i-Spreadsheet can be customized with additional features depending on your specific needs. I have developed customized versions for dozens of clients. Simply tell me what your requirements are and I will create it for you.

i-Spreadsheet is meant to be semi-interactive to the user/visitor and much more interactive to the administrators. An administrator is easily able to insert rows and columns, change font styles and make cells non-editable by general users.

Easily Import and Export Data from Excel

An easy to use import/export module lets you copy/paste data from Excel into the online i-Spreadsheet. Similiarly data can also be pasted directly from the online spreadsheet into Excel.

Web Spreadsheet Applications

Typical applications include project management, people scheduling, mantaining group records, tracking memberships, event scheduling , sports league management etc. The goal is to have the web spreadsheet easily viewable and editable by a group of people visiting your websites.

The spreadsheet can also be used an online sign up sheet for people to sign up for appointments, volunteer positions, golf tee times etc online.

A group of people can all work with the spreadsheet "on line" saving the time and hassle of many phone calls. It also saves a lot of time by eliminating the application hopping associated with people emailing around an excel spreadsheet file and having the webmaster convert it to html to post on a site. Now anyone with the password can see the spreadsheet and edit it all online instantaneously.

Math Equations

Advanced mathematical equations are supported. The possibilities are endless as it can be used to set up all types of online web calculators that previously could only be done with javascript or server scripting.