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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use your service?

I specialize in creating a customized version of my spreadsheet software that meets most of your needs. Features can be turned on and off just by setting variable in your configuration file. The result is a tailored software that just has the features you need.

Instead of getting a large and complicated software, you get something simple and easy to use that just has the features you will use.

How reliable is your service?

I do daily backups of all your spreadsheet data to multiple unrelated servers accross the internet. In case one server is down, I can restore your backup on another server .

How secure is our data?

I offer a highly secure encrypted storage for a nominal extra charge. All your data would be stored encrypted on the server and can only be decoded by entering a password key. The password key is never stored on the server so no one could decrypt your data if they were to break into the server.

How do I use this on my website?

I wil create a copy of the script on my server. You will need to simply link to it from your website.

I offer several levels of password protection depending on what access and privelages you would like to give your users.

Can we host the software on our server?

The software can be setup to run on your server as long as you are running Apache/Linux. An additional monthly maintenance fee will be charged to mantain your version of the code.

You can also use frames, pop-ups or domain name masking if you do not want people to know they are leaving your site when accessing the spreadsheet.

Can we purchase the software for a one-time charge?

Unfortunately the software was written to be customized for dozens of different needs. Therefore it is very time-consuming to go and strip out all the code that you will not need. It will be difficult for you to mantain the code. For this reason it is not feasible to purchase the code without a maintenance agreement and setup fee.

How do I start to use it?

In a nutshell, you will need to use the admin password to do things like insert/remove rows and columns. Also in admin mode you can colorize cells. This will make them non-editable for users. You can add a title by selecting the row Title and column Column 0 .

The easiest way to initialize a large spreadsheet is to use the Import Excel module to directly import excell data into the online spreadsheet.

How to import data from Excel?

Data can be imported from Excel through the Import Excel Module . This button will come up when you log on as administrator. To log on as administrator, first click the button at the bottom of your spreadsheet. Then enter your admin password in the right most part of the page and hit enter. Next you will see several new buttons and drop down menus appear. Click the one called 'Import from Excel'.

Simply highlight and copy the data from excel and paste it into the import excel module.

How to export data into Excel?

Data can be exported into Excel by simply highlighting and copying then pasting the data directly into an Excel spreadsheet. You need to Paste Special to past the data as text and not as html. Since the data is tab-delimeted, Excel will automatically recognize it and put each data cell into its own cell.

How to insert columns/rows?

Check the check box on top of the column where you want the new column to go. Then check the radio button for 'insert column' and a new column will be inserted there. To insert a column at the end, do the same except do not check any column checkbox.

How to change the column headings?

First you need to be logged on as admin. Then select the row for the first column. Next select the column you want to change. If the column heading is empty it will be called 'Column x' where x is the column number. The type the new column heading in the 'Administrator Text' box and click update.

How to fill in values in the drop-down menus for the user to select rows and columns to edit?

The software automaticlly grabs the drop-down names from text in the first row and first column. If they are empty it won't grab anything and therefore will not let a non-admin edit it. So you will need to log on as admin and update all the first row and first column with text.

How to change the column titles or row names ?

You will need to be logged on as admin to change the column title. Once logged on as admin, you need to tell the software which row and column you are going to update. So you will have to select the first row to update columns. Or to update rows, you need to make sure and have the first column selected.

How to cancel a reservation/ cell ?

To cancel a cell or reset back to empty, first log on as admin. Click on the cell you want to cancel then on the next page there should be a button 'Cancel reservation'. Click that button.

Also you can check the checkboxes for the column and the row representing the cell you want to erase. Do not fill in anything for the text then click the update button and that cell should then be overwritten with an empty cell.

How to make cells non-editable by users?

Any cell you colorize can not be changed by a user. Therefore you will need to colorize the cell while logged in as admin to make it non-editable by a user.

How to display cell text instead of the generic 'Booked'

You will need to colorize the cell while logged in as admin to make it viewable to the user.

Can the cell border lines be printed out similar to a spreadsheet

Yes, you will need to click the print button after logged on as the admin. This will turn the background color to white to save toner. Next, to print the cell borders you have to go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Printing and turn on printing of images in your browser.

Can one enter mathematical equations?

Online Spreadsheet Software does support math formulas as in Excel. There are a few restrictions and limitations however I am working to make it work just like Excel.