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Sample Clients

  • Newport Country Club
  • Burlington Tennis Club
  • Dayton Squash Center
  • Easton Racquet Club
  • Castleknock Lawn Tennis Club
  • Conanicut Yacht Club
  • Sunset Ridge Country Club
  • Roxbury Swim & Tennis Club
  • Southern Oaks Athletic Club
  • Lake Bluff Park District
  • Madison Squash Work
  • YMCA of Silicon Valley
  • Hinsdale Platform Tennis Association
  • Hopbrook Tennis Club

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the customizable features of the reservation software?

The software has several easily customizable features such as:

  • Number of courts
  • Time slots can be on the hour, half-hour, quarter hour or fixed time slots
  • Up to one year in advance bookings are allowed
  • Number of days admin and user can see in advance can be different
  • Administrator privelages - To do mass bookings over multiple courts and times and set up repeating occuring events. For example the admin can block off room reservations for a certain time of day every week for a specified length of time
  • Password protection - None, generic, or unique individual password
  • Chat feature to allow users to post questions such as 'Looking for a game' as well as chat real-time with currently logged in members
  • History feature that archives past days up to a determined age. For example one can go back in time several months to see what reservations were made on a certain day.
  • Can intelligently check for consecutive reservations and/or duplicate reservations
  • Limit reservations a user can make to x per day or x per week
  • Design - All text, fonts, colors, graphics and styles are easily customizable to your needs
  • Multiple day views - To view up to an enire weeks schedule in one page (with vertical scrolling). Useful for seeing into the future.
  • Ability to lock the current days schedule to prevent users from making same-day reservations after a certain time of day.
  • Receipts to print out a confirmation of the reservation and pre-fill out form for the user
  • Email confirmations sent to all players making or cancelling a reservation.
  • Multiple Schedule view to see many schedules on one page. For example the reservation page can show 8 yoga classes followed by 8 aerobic reservations followed by 4 spinning classes.
  • Append name functionality to allow someone to add their name to an existing reservation . Allows player to join games where someone is looking for additional partners.
  • Clickable bookings so user can click on the booking to find more information about it.
  • Restrict reservations for prime-time hours only while allow unlimited reservations for non prime-time hours
  • Searchable log file of all reservations made. Useful for finding trends and generating reports on useage.
  • Integrate an online searchable and editable online database for members to find players of similar skill levels and administrator to track member info like name, address , billing etc.
  • Optional modules available for ladders and class registration
  • Message board for members to post questions and comments
  • Seamlessly integrate Paypal to accept online payments for reservations. Funds are directly deposited into your paypal business account so you are not charged double for merchant fees.
How to integrate this into our site?

All you need is a link from your website to our page, saying for online court booking click here . Then they will be taken to our court reservation page for your club. A link back to your site from our page will lets users return to your site.

Why use Paypal for payments?

When you pay with PayPal, your credit card and bank numbers are never seen by anyone you do business with. Your financial information stays safe. Plus, protected 100% against unauthorized payments sent from your account. PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with 86.6 million account members worldwide. Available in 56 countries and regions around the world, buyers and sellers on eBay, online retailers, online businesses, as well as traditional offline businesses are transacting with PayPal.