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Sample Clients

  • Saint Vincent College
  • Northwest Missouri State University
  • Norwood School
  • Gloucester Township Board of Education
  • Colonial School
  • Pioneer Electronics
  • Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago
  • Simi Valley Hospital
  • Mt. Diablo Unified School District
  • Key Medical Resources, Inc.
  • Emma Willard School
  • Northeastern University Honors Program
  • Champion Driving School
  • Landon School
How much does it cost?

The range of monthly fees I charge my clients is from $5 to $100 / month. The average client pays between $10-20 / month. Since I offer a customized solution I am unable to give an exact quote without knowing what your needs and expectations for support are. More information is below:

The monthly pricing mainly depends on the following factors:

  • How customized and complicated the system needs to be
  • How many users will be using it
  • What level of support you need, i.e:
    • Silver level support gets the average priority. Average email response time is 3 hours . No phone support will be provided. I can spend upto 10 minutes per month to make small changes and enhancements to the system at no additional cost.
    • Bronze level support is my base support. Average response time is 1 day for any inquiry. Monthly pricing starts at $10/ month.
    • Bronze for Non-Profits Average email response time is 3 days . Monthly pricing starts at just $5/ month.

Support refers to how quickly you want your questions/problems answered. If you can wait 3 hours, then silver support is fine. Some clients email me every week over questions and minor glitches, others I never hear from for the whole year, so it can depend. Generally the more complicated and more people using your system, the more likely you will be emailing for support.