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Sample Clients

  • Saint Vincent College
  • Northwest Missouri State University
  • Norwood School
  • Gloucester Township Board of Education
  • Colonial School
  • Pioneer Electronics
  • Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago
  • Simi Valley Hospital
  • Mt. Diablo Unified School District
  • Key Medical Resources, Inc.
  • Emma Willard School
  • Northeastern University Honors Program
  • Champion Driving School
  • Landon School

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I select your service?

I offer a customizable program that just has the features you need. Instead of a complicated and expensive program you get a simple and affordable program that works just how you need it to.

What are some of the customizable features?

The online registration software has numerous customizable features such as:

  • Class size , description , title and wait list limit are customizable for each class
  • Customizable data fields to collect information from registrant such as name, phone, affiliation etc.
  • Chronological list format or monthly calendar presentation of classes
  • Ability to use a waitlist or cap registrations upon reaching a limit
  • Allow or prevent users from seeing who else is registered
  • All fonts, colors, logos are customizable to your needs ( Note: A setup fee will apply to modify colors and fonts )
  • Ability to prevent same day registrations
  • Ability to prevent users from registering until x days before class
  • Allow one user to register multiple people at once
  • Auto email all registrants if class is edited or cancelled available to sign up for
  • Downloadable log file of all registrations and cancellations ever made. Log file can be opened in Excel for you to do your own searching
  • Send a custom email message with each registration and reminder email
  • Allow html tags in your class description . You can also include PayPal buttons if you do not require payment in order to register.
  • Allow or not allow users from cancelling their registration
  • Admin privileges to quickly insert / remove registrants
  • Export class roster to Excel
  • Can be configured to use unique username / passwords to only allow registered users to make/ cancel registrations.
  • Accept registration payments through credit card or PayPal account. Course fee can be set up for each class by the administrator. You can demo this by clicking here and I will refund all test registration payments you make.
How does your program accept payments ?

All payment work directly with your PayPal business account. You can setup a PayPal business account in five minutes if you do not already have one. My program can either require payment to register or not require it. But the price has to be the same price for all , i.e it can not charge different prices depending on the type of registrant. However, it is possible to setup your own discount codes in PayPal and ask users to enter them in when making payment. If you do not require payments then you can embed PayPal buy buttons into each class description.

How reliable is your service?

Reliability is very important which is why I offer access to a real time backup of your system on another server. In case the server is down, you can always view your schedule on the backup server.

Although I strive to have the servers always online, occasionaly a server is down. There are many reasons from routine maintenance to a hardware failure. These can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 day, however it is rare for it to last more than 1 hour.

However, the chance of both the main and backup server being down the same time works out to less than 10 minutes every 5 years!

In other words, my service has a 99.9997% uptime which far exceeds the industry average of 99.87%

You can test this out with the demo links below. Try making some test apppintments with the first link. Then click on the backup link to see those changes instantly reflected.

Last, the software automatically does hourly, daily and weekly backups. So in case of a catatrophic hardware failure resulting in loss of data, your most recent backup can quickly be restored.

Additionally I offer a 'Download Backup' module that lets you download your entire data locally into Excel.

How secure is our data?

I offer a highly secure encrypted storage for a nominal extra charge. All your data would be stored encrypted on the server and can only be decoded by entering a password key. The password key is never stored on the server so no one could decrypt your data if they were to break into the server.

Can a student/registrant database be integrated with the software?

Yes, I can integrate my i-database software which lets you manage user records all online. However, this version is more complicated both for users and the admin . Therefore I do not recommend it unless you really need it.

Do you provide phone support?

E-mail is my chosen mode of communication. 90% of emails are responded to in less than 3 hours. I am only able to provide phone support for clients on the Gold support plan. Unfortunately phone support takes too much time and is not profitable given the low monthly fee I charge for my services. I also receive many non-serious inquiries so responding by phone to all is not possible.