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Sample Clients

  • Saint Vincent College
  • Northwest Missouri State University
  • Norwood School
  • Gloucester Township Board of Education
  • Colonial School
  • Pioneer Electronics
  • Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago
  • Simi Valley Hospital
  • Mt. Diablo Unified School District
  • Key Medical Resources, Inc.
  • Emma Willard School
  • Northeastern University Honors Program
  • Champion Driving School
  • Landon School

About i-Signup - Event and Class Registration Software

i-Signup is a web based registration software that allows people to sign up for a class or event online . The system automatically manages a wait-list and moves people up as people cancel. i-Signup is simple to use, affordable and customizable to your registration rules.

The admin back-end allows the instructor or event coordinator to quickly set up a new class by simply doing three steps:

  • Select the date of the class or event
  • Enter a title and description
  • Specify the class size limit

From there on the system automatically displays the list of classes for the user to choose from in order by their date. When a class has passed, the system will no longer display it.

Event Registration Features

The registration software includes the following customizable features

  • Collection of customizable contact information from attendees
  • Personalized reminder emails
  • Credit card collections using your PayPal business account
  • Publish your event registration link on your website or email the link to your users
  • Communicate with registrants using the emailing feature
  • Print out reports and name tags for each event
  • Automatically generate the event calendar and class registration pages
Accept Payments for Online Registration through your PayPal account

i-Signup allows users to pay securely for a class either with credit card or from a PayPal account if they have one. They pay directly to your PayPal business account. The system automatically processes the user's registration for the event upon receiving confirmation of the transaction from PayPal. The administrator is able to define the cost for each event.

You can demo this by clicking here and I will refund all test registration payments you make.

By sending all payments directly to your PayPal account you are not charged double for merchant fees (i.e through me and PayPal ). PayPal also interest on your balance and is the most widely used and trusted online payment gateway.

Additional Features

The event registration software can be customized to your class rules or event policies. Please consult the FAQ for a complete list of the customizable features. It can be set up to not show the list of registrants. Also it has intelligent features that lets it automatically email out event reminders and class cancellation notices.

In addition to class registration , i-Signup can also be used for handling seminar registration and any other event where people need to be at a specific time and location.