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Sample Clients

  • Bethlehem Health Bureau
  • Physicians Choice Medical Group
  • Boston Foundation For Sight
  • Healthcare Receivable Specialists, Inc
  • Southern Alberta Polytechnique Institute
  • Saint Vincent College
  • North Austin Municipal District
  • Mount Royal University
  • Northwest Missouri State University
  • Northeastern University Honors Program
  • National Society of Real Estate Appraisers
  • Gloucester Township Board of Education
  • Pioneer Electronics
  • Passages Counseling Center
  • Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago
  • Simi Valley Hospital
  • Mt. Diablo Unified School District
  • Radisson Greens Golf Club
  • Key Medical Resources, Inc.
  • Association of Health Care Journalists

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
What are some of the customizable features?
  • Number of schedules, i.e courts, rooms etc to be booked
  • Various permission levels for what users and admin can see and do. For example:
    • Users may only view schedule
    • Users may make appointments but not see details of other booked times on calendar
    • Users may make appointments but can not edit/cancel them
  • Reserve up to 2 years in advance
  • Limit reservations a user can make to x per day or x per week
  • E-mail confirmations to the user and the admin or just one of these two
  • Manage a waitlist to notify users of cancellations on fully booked days
  • Send automatic email reminders x number of days before the client's appointment
  • Online chat module/message board to let users communicate with each other in real-time
  • All fonts, colors, logos are customizable to your needs ( Note: A setup fee will apply to modify colors and fonts )
  • Pop up an image of the resource being scheduled when the user mouses over the resource's column. For example, these could be images of the study rooms if that is what the users are booking.
  • Number of days admin and user can see in advance can be different
  • Can intelligently check for consecutive reservations
  • Allow users to book appointments through a single simple registration form without having to navigate the entire scheduler to look for an open slot to click on.
  • Encrypted data storage for medical patient information
  • Auto-fill feature to remember user names so you do not have to re-type all the person's information when making multiple appointments for them.
  • A user can just select a service and the program will block off the corresponding amount of time for that service.
  • Ability to lock the current days schedule to prevent users from making same-day reservations after a certain time of day
  • Restrict reservations for prime-time hours only while allow unlimited reservations for non prime-time hours
  • Automatically send an Outlook invitation each time a user makes an appointment online. You can synchronize your Outlook calendar with the web calendar by accepting the invitation.
  • E-mail notifications of schedule updates
  • Integrate an online customer/ client database using my i-Database software. You can store all your customer / client information online in the database to retrieve quickly for scheduling of appointments. Note, this feature is being phased out due to compexity to mantain it and lack of clients using it.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your PayPal Business account to accept online payments for appointments. Users can pay either with credit card or PayPal account. Funds are directly deposited into your PayPal Business account . All you pay is PayPal merchant fees which are quite low considering they pay good interest rates on your balance.
  • Basic foreign language versions available (i.e Spanish )
What are some of the standard features?
  • Set up mass repeating bookings over multiple times, persons and days
  • Many printable formats i.e daily, weekly, monthly
  • Powerful searchable log file to generate reports and identify trends. Log file can also be downloaded to Excel for further analysis
  • Group scheduling that allows individuals to control their own calendar while the administrator can view and edit all staff calendar from one web page.
  • Instantly updates and refreshes schedule (within 1 minute) if another user makes an appointment from a different computer
  • Allow users to book appointments through a single simple registration form without having to navigate the entire scheduler to look for an open slot to click on.
  • Customized reporting based on your search criteria, i.e all appointments for John with customer Smith.
  • Auto-find customers to automatically insert all of a customer's information into the schedule by just typing in a few of their details.
  • Availability module that lets each staff define their own availability and block out a range of dates so all other times would be automatically booked.
  • Automatically book off set times each week, such as for lunch and reduced weekend hours
  • Compatible with Blackberrys and most mobile hand-held devices such as cell phones and PDA's with an internet connection.
  • Color code appointments
  • Timestamping of all reservations and cancellations. So you can track to see who is cancelling bookings last minute.
Why should we select your service?

My objective is to provide you with simplest to use software that is customized to your unique scheduling requirements. Features can easily be turned on and off depending on what you need. You can browse my list of clients to get an idea for how I really do customize.

Rather than get an expensive and complicated program , you get something much simpler and affordable that only has the features you need. Your staff can be trained in minutes and your users will love the ease of use.

How reliable is your service?

Reliability is very important which is why I offer access to a real time backup of your system on another server. In case the server is down, you can always view and edit your schedule on the backup server. Once the main server comes back online, it will automatically synchronize with appointments made on the backup server.

Although I strive to have the servers always online, occasionaly a server is down. There are many reasons from routine maintenance to a hardware failure. These can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 day, however it is rare for it to last more than 1 hour.

However, the chance of both the main and backup server being down the same time works out to less than 10 minutes every 5 years!

In other words, my service has a 99.9997% uptime which far exceeds the industry average of 99.87%

You can test this out with the demo links below. Try making some test apppintments with the first link. Then click on the backup link to see those changes instantly reflected.

Last, the software automatically does hourly, daily and weekly backups. So in case of a catatrophic hardware failure resulting in loss of data, your most recent backup can quickly be restored.

How stable is your software?

The code itself was written in 2004 and has grown very robust from being used by tens of thousands of people every year. Feedback from users guides all my development of new feature. I only add in features that clients specifically need and that make the overall program better.

Since I am always adding in new features, minor glitches are to be expected. However, I fix them very quickly as soon as I am notified of them.

How secure is our data and is it HIPAA compliant ( for medical patient information ) ?

The online scheduler meets and exceeds HIPAA requirements for security . However there is additional maintenance cost with my high security version. Additionally every user must enter the access passcode in order to use the system. I implement the following features that make your information very secure.

  • Data is stored encrypted on the server ( So nothing is clear text to read if someone were to break into the server files )
  • Encryption keys are only sent as persistent cookies. No keys are stored on the server
  • Data is sent encrypted over https
  • Cookies are set to expire so it will log you out after 8 hours. This way the scheduler does not remain up if left unattended for more than eight hours .
  • The system logs all logins for an audit trail
  • Strong encryption keys must be used ( longer than 8 characters ) and must be changed every six months
Can we host the software on our server?

Unfortunately, I do not host the code on other servers. It is just too complicated for what it is worth. The code still has to be maintained, i.e bugs and glitches fixed , which is harder to do if the code is on another server. Therefore, it would actually cost more if you hosted.

Also if you were to host than there would be no backup server in place. So the system would be less reliable running off your single server.

I will be glad to add your logo , font and coloring scheme to match your website, so users will not feel they are on a different site. ( Note, additional fee applies for this )

If your only concern is people leaving your site then you can use iframes. With iframes you can embed the scheduling program inside your website so that it is transparent to the user.

What are the main benefits of an online scheduling system for us?

The main benefits of scheduling online are:

  • Centrally located schedule accessible by anyone with an internet connection
  • Move paperwork around the office online 24/7
  • Schedule can be updated from home, on the road ( PDA / cell phone ) or office
  • Virtually eliminate phone calls to the central scheduling office
  • Minimize errors from verbal mis-communications
  • Time savings from phone and email tag avoidance
Do you provide phone support?

E-mail is my chosen mode of communication. 90% of emails are responded to in less than 3 hours. However, any client is encouraged to leave a detailed voicemail if their question is too long to type by email.

I realize there are times when phone can solve a problem quicker than email . However, as I have many clients, I need to have one policy and apply it consistently.

Is it possible to resell your software?

It is possible to resell to other clients, but I would still need to host/support/mantain the program. You would need to gather client requirements and explain how it works to them. Since billing and most support would be handled by you, I would charge a lower monthly fee than average.