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Sample Clients

  • Bethlehem Health Bureau
  • Physicians Choice Medical Group
  • Boston Foundation For Sight
  • Healthcare Receivable Specialists, Inc
  • Southern Alberta Polytechnique Institute
  • Saint Vincent College
  • North Austin Municipal District
  • Mount Royal University
  • Northwest Missouri State University
  • Northeastern University Honors Program
  • National Society of Real Estate Appraisers
  • Gloucester Township Board of Education
  • Pioneer Electronics
  • Passages Counseling Center
  • Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago
  • Simi Valley Hospital
  • Mt. Diablo Unified School District
  • Radisson Greens Golf Club
  • Key Medical Resources, Inc.
  • Association of Health Care Journalists

About i-Scheduling for Appointments

Appointment scheduling software is a customizable program to make appointments online ( medical, professional services , physical resources ). The software can be customized in dozens of ways to meet your unique scheduling requirements.

Reliability is very important which is why I offer access to a real time backup of your system on another server. In case the server is down, you can always view your schedule on the backup server.

My design intent is to make it as easy as possible for a user to quickly schedule an appointment. I firmly believe, "Less is more" . The program does not require a user to 'Register' nor does it require them to have a password to make appointments. However, the program offers powerful back-end functionality for an administrator. For example, the admin can do mass scheduling and cancellations, set up auto-repeating bookings, and colorize appointments.

The benefits of scheduling appointments online is that all clients and users are able to view and edit the schedule from any computer with an Internet connection.

Customizations for your scheduling needs

The web software is customizable so I can modify it for your unique appointment scheduling needs. I understand that each client has their special requirements so I designed the software to be flexible to accomodate various scheduling rules and conditions. Features can be turned on and off simply by changing variables in your personal configuration file. The end result is a highly customized scheduling software that is uniquely fit to your company at an affordable price.

Scheduling for Multiple Groups and Resources

I also offer web scheduling that lets you manage multiple staff working at multiple locations. An availability module lets each staff automatically block off times they are unavailable.

The group calendar view allows you to see the open and booked time slots of many selected staff and locations at once. With a few clicks you can add multiple appointment across the displayed schedules. And the details of each employee's calendar are just a click away. So it is easy to manage multiple calendars for scheduling appointments across several people and locations.

Calendar printing lets you create a hard copy of your schedule, in popular formats like daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Accept Payments through your PayPal Business Account

Users can book an appointment and pay online directly to your PayPal Business account. Then their appointment will be processed as soon as the funds are received . It is all seamless and people can use either PayPal or a credit card. Users do not have to open a PayPal account.

Since it is set up with your PayPal business account you just pay PayPal merchant fees. I do not charge any additional transaction fee. PayPal also pays good interest on your balance, making their merchant fees negligible.

Scheduling Log

The scheduling software logs all appointments made. The log file is searchable and lets you extract useful patterns from your data. For example, doctors can use it to find history of patient visits.

Limiting User Access Permissions

The program offers many options to restrict access and edit privileges for users:

  • Level 1 - Anyone can edit any appointment
  • Level 2 - Anyone with generic password can edit any appointment
  • Level 3 - Anyone with unique username/password can edit their own appointment only
  • Level 4 - Same as previous levels but with the option of not displaying the identity of the person making the booking. Their name would be replaced with the generic name "Booked" to prevent visitors from knowing who made the reservation. Their name would become visible when the adminisitrator logs in.